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Williamson Tea

Williamson Earl Grey 50 Tea Bags

Williamson Earl Grey 50 Tea Bags

Best By Sep 2027

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Price Per Cup: $0.17 Per Cup
Body: Medium Bodied
Apperance: Amber, Clear
Aroma: Citrusy, Fragrant
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Williamson Earl Grey in a Box of 50 Tea Bags

Williamson Earl Grey Tea uses only the finest tea leaves scented with natural oil of bergamot, producing an authentic and distinctive tea. Williamson uses tea leaves from their own farms in Kenya.

Williamson Earl Grey is an award-winning tea. Williamson Earl Grey won a 3 star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute. The Institute is made up of top professional chefs and sommeliers from all over Europe who independently taste the teas. Less than 8% of all products sampled obtained such an award. Williamson Ear Grey also is enjoyed by a 2-time Oscar Winner who says, "It is my all time favorite and I have it every morning. Thank you for producing such a wonderful taste."

Williamson blends tea with natural bergamot oil from Italy. Bergamot is a citrus fruit cultivated for its valuable oil.

Williamson Earl Grey can be taken black or with milk. Williamson suggests not making the tea too strong so the taste of the tea can be enjoyed without the strong taste of bergamot.

Tea leaves and bergamot oil.

Brand History:
Note: Williamson & Magor Tea has been renamed Williamson Tea)
Williamson Tea

Williamson Tea is a special name among tea connoisseurs. As one of the world's few private tea producing companies, Williamson Tea occupies an unique position in growing, producing, marketing, and selling fine teas.

Williamson Tea has been growing and selling quality tea since 1869 when Captain J H Williamson, who was involved in the management of tea estates in Assam, met R B Magor, an assistant with the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta.

A family-owned company, the Williamson Tea group remains one of the worlds largest tea producers. Williamson Tea operates 4 Kenyan tea estates in Changoi, Kapchorua, Kaimosi and Tinderet. Williamson Tea farms are set in the spectacular Kenyan Highlands and produce some of the worlds finest teas. The Kenyan Highlands have rolling hills carpeted in neat, bright green tea bushes. The Kenyan climate is perfect for producing tea with rain falling almost every afternoon. Williamson Tea farms are based in Nandi and Kericho districts of Kenya.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Christopher Ham
Love the Tea

Best place to get TEA out of the UK.

One of My Favorites

Earl Grey tea has always been a favorite of mine. I am very glad I was directed to your website to replenish my tea supplies.
I have had various other brands of Earl Grey over the years and am very satisfied with the Williamson Tea brand.
It has been my ‘go to’ for my afternoon tea these Covid days. Relaxing, soothing, and tasty for all times, but most especially now.

Joanna Perez
Proper Tea

I buy this earl grey for my mother. She prefers strong black tea and this one is her favorite. She enjoys this daily. Williamson creates amazing flavors and we always come back for more

Yoko Olsgaard
My new favorite Earl Grey

A friend brought me an elephant tin of Williamson Earl Grey from London. As I ignored my other teas from Florence, London and Paris, this tea outshone all of them. The bergamot was beautifully balanced - not too much and not too little. The tea itself is incredibly fragrant and pleasant. Honestly, this beats all the other ones I have tasted including my absolute #1 favorite Jackson of Piccadilly. So now I am trying to discipline myself and finish the other teas. Thank you for the awesome prices you have, Teadog! I have turned on all my friends to your excellent and affordable prices. I was ordering direct from the manufacturer and now I don’t have to. Thanks again and please stay in business forever.

Maureen Walker
Try this tea you will be glad you did

I served this tea to a group of friends meeting at my house without telling them it was Earl Grey. They all said how much they liked it and asked where they could buy it. Some were shocked because they thought they didn’t like Earl Grey. Now it is a rule of the group that we only serve Williamson Earl Grey at all our meetings.