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Thompsons Family Tea

Thompson's Decaf Tea 80 Tea Bags

Thompson's Decaf Tea 80 Tea Bags

Best By Apr 2025

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Price Per Cup: $0.13 Per Cup
Body: Light Bodied
Appearance: Golden, Clear
Aroma: Subtle, Smooth
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Thompson's Decaffeinated 80 Tea Bags

Embark on a journey of exquisite flavor without the caffeine jolt with Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea – a blend meticulously designed to captivate your taste buds and elevate your tea-drinking experience. At our e-commerce store, we proudly present this unparalleled decaffeinated tea, perfect for those who demand a truly indulgent cup without compromising on taste. Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea brings together the finest black tea leaves from prestigious estates worldwide, promising a refreshingly balanced and satisfying sip every time.

Irresistible Flavor Profile:

Picture this – a caffeine-free indulgence that unveils a mild and refreshing taste, seamlessly balancing subtle earthiness with a gentle sweetness. Crafted to perfection, Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea ensures each sip is an exquisite moment of flavor that transcends the ordinary. Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary in your tea ritual.

Global Elegance:

Take your palate on a global adventure as Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea sources premium black tea leaves from the most celebrated estates around the world. This exclusive blend captures the true essence of global tea craftsmanship, promising an unparalleled tea experience that transports you to the lush landscapes of renowned tea regions.

Boldness Beyond Expectations:

Dive into boldness without the caffeine buzz – Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea defies expectations with its carefully selected black tea leaves. Revel in a full-bodied and robust brew that mirrors the strength found in traditional black teas. Whether your preference leans towards a strong cup or a milder blend, this decaffeinated gem caters to all tastes, offering a versatile choice for those who crave a bold tea experience without the caffeine kick.

Elevate Your Tea Ritual:

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your tea ritual with Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea? Let the rich flavor of tea take center stage, as caffeine gracefully steps aside to make room for your relaxation. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a delectable cup, meticulously crafted to deliver the comforting embrace of flavorful decaffeinated tea. It's time to indulge, delight, and savor – because your tea experience should be nothing short of extraordinary. Thompson's Decaffeinated Tea awaits, promising an indulgence that transcends the ordinary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews

Thompson's decaf tea is the best decaf tea I have found. It tastes like a regular tea and is not weak. I would recommend this tea if you are looking for a full-bodied decaf tea.

Great Decaf

This is the best decaf tea ever. The flavor is great, smooth, never bitter. This is my forever decaf tea!!

Diane Wetzel
Best Decaf Tea I've Tried

Thompson's Decaf actually has flavor, unlike most decaf teas I have tried. Every once in a while I will try another speciality decaf tea brand, but I always come back to Thompson's. It is definitely my favorite decaf tea.

Chester K
Excellent tea

From the time I discovered Thompson’s Decaf tea some years ago, it has been a favorite of mine any time of the day. The flavor is very satisfying, and even my wife who is very picky about teas enjoys it.

No contest

Rich, bold flavor which cannot compare to brands available in most grocery stores. Love it! Thank you for making it available & for such quick delivery