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Heath & Heather Tea

Heath & Heather Night Time 20 Tea Bags

Heath & Heather Night Time 20 Tea Bags

Best By May 2025

FRESHNESS GUARANTEE If Best By date is earlier than listed at purchase, tea will be replaced for free!

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Price Per Cup: $0.28 Per Cup
Body: Light Bodied
Appearance: Deep, Rich
Aroma: Calming, Floral
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Night Time Tea in a Box of 20 Tea Bags from Heath & Heather Tea Company
Heath & Heather Night Time Tea blends camomile, spearmint, and orange blossom to help you unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

Heath & Heather Tea is part of the Typhoo Tea Company. All Heath & Heather Teas are made in England, under care of the company's master tea blender. You can be assured of the highest quality.

Each Heath & Heather Tea Bag come individually wrapped so you can take a few wherever you go.

To Make Perfect Cup of Heath & Heather
Always fill your kettle with fresh, cold water every time you make tea. If you use previously boiled water, all the oxygen in the water will be gone by the time it boils a second time. The oxygen in the water is necessary to bring out the full flavor in a cup of tea.

First, bring the water to a rolling boil. Then, pour water in a mug over the tea bag. Heath & Heather recommends using 1 tea bag per cup. Allow tea to steep for 5 minutes and remove the tea bag. Sweeten to taste. Since this is an herbal tea, it is best not to add milk.

Organic Camomile (61%), Organic Spearmint (15%), Organic Rosehip, Organic Nettle Leaves, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Blueberry, Organic Hops (1%), Organic Passion Flower, Organic Silver Lime, Organic Valerian Root (1%) and Organic Rose Petals.

Brand History:
Heath & Heather Tea

Started in 1920 by brothers Samuel and James Ryder, Heath & Heather is the United Kingdom's leading herbal tea brand. The Ryder brothers were experts on herbs and spices. Samuel Ryder sold packets of garden seeds for a penny. James ran Heath & Heather while authoring books on herbs and spices and lecturing on the subject. Today, according to consumer research, Heath & Heather is the #1 herbal tea brand. Several Heath & Heather Teas are award-winning varieties. All Heath & Heather Teas are 100% natural and do not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barbara A Morrison
Not for me

I thought I would try this even tho it basis is chamomile, I was hoping the other flavours might override, its the smell of comomile that does me in, When not appearing on stage, I worked in the perfume industry so I have a very sensitive nose, and camomile and I just don't get along. it's not the flavour at all so as I have had a problem with sleep lately I thought this sounded wonderful and might work for me. . It is what is says it is very relaxing and conducive to rest and sleep and it did help in that dept. I just had a problem getting it down.So for me personally its a no, but if you like Camomile ts a wonderful tea and will certainly help you get to never never land and that island with Peter Pan and Tinker Belle high above London where good dreams come true. sleep well and wake rested.

Cynthia Vallino
Night time routine

This is delicious. Drinking nightly before bed.

Karen J
Enjoyable tea

This tea was aromatic and very tasty. I will purchase it again.