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Builders Tea

Builders Decaf 40 Tea Bags

Builders Decaf 40 Tea Bags

This product has been discontinued. Please try Twinings Decaf as an alternate.

Price Per Cup: $0.25 Per Cup
Body: Medium Bodied
Appearance: Copper
Aroma: Subtle, Mild
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Builder's Decaf Tea in Box of 40 Tea Bags

Builder's Decaf Tea is just a good cup of tea. The Master Blender for Builder's Tea has hand-picked tea leaves from Africa.

Method Used to Decaffeinate the Tea:
Ethyl Acetate

Decaffeinated Tea leaves from Africa.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great for the evening!

Smooth but strong, a great choice for before bed!

Pamela McReynolds

I have finally found a decaf tea with flavor! I'm enjoying every cup of this delicious tea.

Hester Reik
very robust decaf

Teadog ran our my go to decaf (Typhoo). So I started using Builders decaf. Love it just love it.

Carol Holding
My favorite type of tea.

While it is not as tasty as the full strength variety, it is a good second best when told to cut down on caffeine

Karen A.
Finally - a great decaf black tea!

I've been a fan of Builders' for years now, and am THRILLED that they are making a decaf version. It's a smooth, even blend, with no strange extra afterflavors - I had been drinking Barry's Decaf, but will be switching to this (the Barry's has an interesting caramel undertone that I find I don't like anymore). Thank you, TeaDog, for making all these great teas available to us poor sods in the States!