Sainsbury's Red Label 240 Tea Bags (Best By Jul 2024)

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Product Overview

Sainsbury's Red Tea 240 Tea Bag Box
The original Sainsburys Tea, direct from England and now available in the US. Sainsbury Tea is 100% Fairtrade.

Authentic Sainsbury's Red Label Tea. Sainsbury's has been offering this tea for over 110 years. Founder John James Sainsbury created this tea in 1903.

In each box of Sainsbury Red, you will find the tea bags come in foil packages, which preserves freshness of the tea. The tea bags are blended and packed in the United Kingdom.

To make the perfect cup of Sainsburys Tea, use one tea bag per cup. If making a tea pot, use an extra tea bag for the pot. Always use freshly boiled water each time you make tea. If you re-boil the same water, it loses its oxygen, which is required to bring out the full flavor of the tea. Sainsbury's Red, make sure the water is at a rolling boil. Then, allow tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. If you like, add sugar and milk, but this is optional.

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Fair Trade tea leaves.

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