You dont have to be Welsh to Enjoy Tea from Wales

Tea from Wales

Tea drinkers have more selection available than ever before. But most tea drinkers are unaware of the high quality teas coming from the country of Wales. Although known mostly to those with a cultural connection to Wales, these teas are becoming more popular.

A good cup of tea always has been a traditional sign of hospitality in Wales.  Welsh Teas closely resemble Irish teas, which are extremely popular with tea drinkers. Both teas are blended for soft waters of Ireland and Wales. Irish and Welsh teas are a blend of tea from Africa and India.

The leading Welsh Teas are  Welsh Brew Tea and Glengettie Tea. Both brands are packaged in English and Welsh.

Welsh Brew was an answer to Yorkshire tea and created specifically for Wales. Welsh Brew tea even made an appearance in the movie "The Replacements."

Welsh Brew Tea is the only major tea brand to be packed and blended for Wales. Welsh Brew tea is a traditional blend of teas selected for strength, color and smoothness of flavor. The special blend of quality tea perfectly compliment the waters of Wales, yielding that traditional smooth flavor and color relished by true tea drinkers.





With the slogan "A favorite in Wales for generations" Glengettie Tea is known for its strength of flavor. Today, Glengettie is produced by the same company that makes Typhoo tea, a favorite English tea.

The combination of distinctive flavor and quality has made Glengettie a favorite in Wales since 1952. Originally, Glengettie was sold as a strong cup of tea specifically for miners in Wales.

A premium tea, Glengettie tea has been specially designed to complement the region's soft water.

Whether in Wales or anywhere, there is always time for a nice cup of tea.

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