Whats the Significance of 1706 in Twinings 1706 Tea?

Twinings 1706 Tea

Twinings English Strong Breakfast Tea 1706 Tea

Twinings 1706 Tea may be unfamiliar to many in the US. But those that have tried it really enjoyed it. It is a tea that is strong by its name and by nature. It is more bold and full of flavor.

Although it is the same tea, Twinings has changed the name slightly.  The tea is now called English Strong Breakfast with the 1706 displayed prominently in the corner.

Twinings has traveled the world just to find the perfect balance of leaves from best tea gardens found in Assam, Africa and in Sri Lanka. Out of the 3 tea gardens, the tea leaves grown in East African Rift is the one that makes it very special.

Tea leaves that are found or harvested in the East African Rift gets the exact amount of sun and rain that a tea needs. Thus these leaves adds true brightness and character on this blend.

But, little did others know, there is quite a genuine history about 1706. It is actually the year wherein the company founder, Thomas Twining bought Tom's Coffee Shop in Devereux Court, off the Strand.

He then did not just sell tea to customers but to other nearby coffee shops as well. Despite England's high taxes by that time and the vested interests of oppositions, fashionable classes of people gathered only to taste the tea from Tom's Coffee House.

With Thomas Twining's knowledge of tea, it gave him the edge to compete with other coffee houses. Then by providing fresh ideas and unusual promotional twists, it kept Thomas' business alive. The biggest difference was Tom's tea and as he concentrated on tea, it also showed great insights and potential.

While tea-drinking was being repress by ridiculous taxes, it still became a fashionable part of the eighteenth century, especially among the higher classes.

And so began the world famous tea business.

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