Glengettie Tea from Wales: An Introduction

Glengettie Tea

Maybe you are unfamiliar with Glengettie Tea. If so, you should know that Glengettie Tea is from Wales and is a good, solid cup of black tea. It is a strong tea with good flavor.

Glengettie comes in two varieties: regular and Glengettie Gold.  You can get Glengettie in tea bags and loose.  Glengettie Gold,launched in approximately 2015, is the premium version of Glengettie. It has a smooth taste and is a strong cup of tea, achieved by blending tea leaves from India and Africa. Glengettie Gold is available in tea bags.   Glengettie Loose comes in an 8.8 ounce package. .  The loose tea is in a foil package which is inside the box.

 The company briefly made Glengettie Decaf but it is no longer available. 

Glengettie History
Glengettie has been a favorite in Wales since 1952. Originally, it was sold as a strong cup of tea specifically for Welsh miners.

Glengettie Tea has been specially designed to complement the soft water of Wales. Welsh Teas closely resemble Irish teas, which are extremely popular with tea drinkers. Welsh Teas are blended for the soft waters of Wales. Welsh Teas are a blend of tea from Africa and India.

A good cup of tea always has been a traditional sign of hospitality in Wales. Glengettie is one of the two leading brands of tea in Wales. Boxes of Glengettie come with an English-language label on one side and Welsh-language on another side. With the slogan "A favorite in Wales for generations" Glengettie is known for its strength of flavor. Today, Glengettie is produced by the same company that makes Typhoo tea, a favorite English tea.

Distinctive flavor and high-quality has made Glengettie a traditional favorite in Wales.

Glengettie Advertising
Currently, Glengettie does not do much advertising.  A few years ago, the brand launched a series of radio commercials. From the series Stella, Di Botcher, who played Aunty Brenda in the series, voices the commercials.  Glengettie started in the early 1950s as a tea for Welsh miners. The commercials talked about the brand’s history and ties to family.  The commercials aired on radio stations in Wales.

In the 1950s and 60s, Glengettie would put trading cards in packages of cigarettes. The cards would be on a variety of subjects, such as the ones on cars as seen below:

Each box of Glengettie has English and Welsh text.  Here is a summary on Glengettie in English.

Bilingual Packages: English
A favourite in Wales for generations

The combination of distinctive flavour and quality has made Glengettie a favourite in Wales for many years.

This tea has been specially designed to complement the region’s soft water and was developed and introduced to Wales almost 50 years ago. Glengettie’s reputation has been handed down from generation to generation meaning that, in Wales, there’s always time for a nice cup of Glengettie.

The Glengettie range is available from all leading supermarkets and grocers, predominantly in Wales and surrounding area.  Here is the Welsh on the package.

Bilingual Packages: Welsh
Glengettie – Ffefryn yng Nghymru ers cenedlaethau

Mae’r cyfuniad o flas arbennig ac ansawdd wedi gwneud Glenettie yn ffefryn yng Nghymru ers blynyddoedd lawer.

Ers ei ddatblygu i’w gyflwyno yng Nghymru bron i hanner can mlynedd yn ôl , mae enw da Glengettie wedi cael ei drosglwyddo o genhedlaeth i genhedlaeth. Hyd yn oed heddiw, Glengettie yw’r dewis perffaith ar gyfer cwpanaid berffaith o de.

Mae amser am gwpanaid flasus o Glengettie bob amser yng Nghymru.

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I have been drinking Glengette tea for years it is my favourite tea.

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