Williamson Earl Grey 50 Tea Bags (Best By Apr 2022)

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Williamson Earl Grey in a Box of 50 Tea Bags
An introduction to Williamson Earl Grey Tea:

Williamson Earl Grey Tea uses only the finest tea leaves scented with natural oil of bergamot, producing an authentic and distinctive tea. Williamson uses tea leaves from their own farms in Kenya.

Williamson Earl Grey is an award-winning tea. Williamson Earl Grey won a 3 star award from the International Taste and Quality Institute. The Institute is made up of top professional chefs and sommeliers from all over Europe who independently taste the teas. Less than 8% of all products sampled obtained such an award. Williamson Ear Grey also is enjoyed by a 2-time Oscar Winner who says, "“It is my all time favorite and I have it every morning. Thank you for producing such a wonderful taste.”

Williamson blends tea with natural bergamot oil from Italy. Bergamot is a citrus fruit cultivated for its valuable oil.

Williamson Earl Grey can be taken black or with milk. Williamson suggests not making the tea too strong so the taste of the tea can be enjoyed without the strong taste of bergamot.

Tea leaves and bergamot oil.

Brand History:
Note: Williamson & Magor Tea has been renamed Williamson Tea)
Williamson Tea

Williamson Tea is a special name among tea connoisseurs. As one of the world’s few private tea producing companies, Williamson Tea occupies an unique position in growing, producing, marketing, and selling fine teas.

Williamson Tea has been growing and selling quality tea since 1869 when Captain J H Williamson, who was involved in the management of tea estates in Assam, met R B Magor, an assistant with the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta.

A family-owned company, the Williamson Tea group remains one of the worlds largest tea producers. Williamson Tea operates 4 Kenyan tea estates in Changoi, Kapchorua, Kaimosi and Tinderet. Williamson Tea farms are set in the spectacular Kenyan Highlands and produce some of the worlds finest teas. The Kenyan Highlands have rolling hills carpeted in neat, bright green tea bushes. The Kenyan climate is perfect for producing tea with rain falling almost every afternoon. Williamson Tea farms are based in Nandi and Kericho districts of Kenya.

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  • 5
    Love This Tea

    Posted by Barbara on Jun 21st 2018

    I use this tea every day. It is the best way to start my day. I have loved this tea for more years than I can remember. I always tuck in a supply when I travel so I can enjoy it wherever I am.

  • 5
    The best Earl Grey

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 25th 2018

    I love the fragrant puff of bergamot when I first open the packet. One cup in the afternoon - maybe two!

  • 1
    Vile and Abusive

    Posted by Jason on Dec 22nd 2017


    Having had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the business owners this morning, I can confirm that I have never met such rude and abusive people.
    I made a genuine mistake and drove onto their property in error. Myself and my family were abused and threatened with violence as he suggested he would get his men to sort us out. I apologised for any inconvenience and said I was lost, to which he stated I need to lose weight and started to abuse me. Upon the tirade of abuse he disappeared into his office. I exited the car and knocked politely on the office door to which he confronted me with his son and tried to intimidate me by holding dogs between us in a threatening nature. I asked why he was so abusive and reiterated that I had made a mistake and did not appreciate the tirade of abuse and threatening behaviour.
    Conduct business with these people at you peril....you have been warned!

  • 5
    Williamson earl grey

    Posted by Scott on Dec 20th 2017

    This is the most aromatic and my all time favorite Earl Grey Tea...

    Thank you

  • 5
    Best Earl Grey (in my humble opinion)

    Posted by Michael Reznikov on Nov 26th 2017

    The exact amount of bergamot oil in the high quality tea, not for the masking of tea flaws. I would say - the real luxury tea.

  • 5
    Great tea ...

    Posted by Gary Mercatante on Oct 9th 2017

    This is one of the smoothest Earl Grey's I have ever had. Not the strongest, but has a nice lingering flavor.

  • 5
    The best earl grey that exists!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2017

    I bought this tea at Waitrose all the time when I lived in London. Now I'm in the US, I stockpile it whenever I find it.. I think it is simply the best earl grey tea you can find.

  • 5
    Williamson Earl Grey Tea

    Posted by Mike W on Mar 8th 2017

    Best Earl Grey Tea available in tea bags - if steeped for no more than 2 minutes. An airtight container is needed to keep the tea bags fresh. I suggest order some Williamson loose leaf in a tin and reusing it for tea bags -the tin comes with a plastic inner seal.

  • 5
    Williamson Tea

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 22nd 2017

    We have been purchasing Williamson Tea for several decades and our favourite is EARL GREY which has Oil of Bergamot on Kenyan Black Tea. Our only problem over the years has been to find a supplier. So far we have always been able to find one, and order our supply.

  • 5
    Williamson Ear Grey

    Posted by Lynn on Feb 20th 2017

    I consider this to be the BEST Earl Grey made. It has a fine, full, spicy flavor. These folks blend teas for the Queen of England, and blend Harrod's Early Grey. This is the best.

  • 5
    I've been drinking this tea for a decade!

    Posted by Debbie on Jan 1st 2017

    THIS is the best EARL Grey. Have no doubt. You'll never get a better flavor/aroma/or memory than this tea. IF you like Earl Grey, this one was an award winner when I first had it and I don't think anything has changed!

  • 5
    Williamson Earl Grey Tea

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 23rd 2016

    This is an excellent Earl Grey Tea.