Whittard Earl Grey Loose Tea 3.5 Ounces (Best By Oct 2019)

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Whittard of Chelsea Earl Grey 3.5 Ounces of Loose Tea
The world's second most popular variety of tea, Earl Grey is an English classic. Originally, the tea was consumed by the English upper-crust.  To make its version of this classic tea, Whittard begins by blending tea leaves from India and China to create a very good black tea. A good Earl Grey Tea begins with a good black tea. Then, Whittard adds bergamot flavor. Bergamot is a citrus flavor.  Earl Grey is most often consumed in the afternoon, but it really can be enjoyed any time of day.

To make the perfect cup of Whittard Earl Grey, allow the tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. As with most black teas, you can add a sweetener (sugar, honey, etc) and milk if you prefer.

Tea leaves from India and China, along with bergamot flavor.

Brand History:
Whittard of Chelsea
United Kingdom