Whittard 1886 Loose Tea in Caddy 4.9 Ounces (Best By Dec 2018)

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Whittard 1886 4.9 Ounces of Loose Tea in Caddy
Whittard 1886 Tea was named for the date Walter Whittard opened his first tea store. To achieve its signature taste, Whittard blends Assam Tea, from India, Keemun Tea, from China. A premium tea, 1886 can be consumed throughout the day.  Whittard 1886 is an award-winning tea having won a Gold Medal the Guild of Fine Food Awards, which is also known as the Food Oscars.

To make the perfect cup of Whittard 1886 Tea, allow it to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. As with most black teas, you can add a sweetener (sugar, honey, etc) and milk if you prefer.

Tea from India (Assam) and China (Keemun)

Brand History:
Whittard of Chelsea