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Tea Education

Learn About English Tea

Learn About English Tea

In under 3 minutes, learn about the different brands of English Tea..

Winston Churchill on Tea

Churchill on Tea

Hear Winston Churchill tell how to pick a proper English Tea.

Irish Tea Video

Learn About Irish Tea

Learn about the different varieties of Irish Tea..

Learn About Barrys Tea

Selecting Irish Tea: Barrys

Learn how to select the best Irish Tea for you with a focus on Barrys Tea.

Welsh Tea Video

Learn About Welsh Tea

Lear about Welsh Tea and the different varieties of teas from Wales.

Picking English Tea: Typhoo

Picking English Tea: Typhoo

Learn how to pick the right English Tea for you. This focuses on Typhoo Tea..

Tea Culture

Tea Quote

Tea Quote

A quote on tea from Sir Philip Sidney.

Irish Tea Video

Milk in First?

Queen tells whether to put milk in first.

Scottish Blend Art

Scottish Blend Art

Drawing a box of Scottish Blend.

Welsh Brew Ad

Welsh Brew Ad

Our take on a Welsh Brew commercial.

Glengettie commercial

Glengettie Ad

Our version of a Glengettie commercial.

Tea: How to Make the Perfect Cup

Make Perfect Cup of Typhoo Tea

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Typhoo

How to make the perfect cup of Typhoo Tea.

Tea Recipes

Make Raspberry Ginseng Iced Tea

Raspberry Ginseng Iced Tea

How to make Raspberry Ginseng Iced Tea..

Tea History

History of PG Tips

History of PG Tips

A brief history of PG Tips.

Tea Testimonials

Bewleys Irish Breakfas Testiminial

Bewleys Irish Breakfast

Learn what customers say about this Bewleys classic tea.

Royalty Assam Tea Video

Darvilles Royalty Assam

Find out what tea drinkers say about Darvilles Royalty Assam Tea..

Typhoo Decaf Video Video

Typhoo Decaf

Discover what tea drinkers are saying about this decaf tea.

Maybe the best Irish Breakfast Tea Ever

Thompsons Irish Breakfast

Read what tea drinkers are saying about Thompsons Irish Breakfast.

Tea Product Videos

Barrys Tea

Video on Barrys Classic Tea

Barrys Classic Tea

Learn more about Barrys Classic Tea.

Barrys Gold Tea Video

Barrys Gold Tea

Discover more about Barrys Gold Tea.

Barrys Irish Breakfast Tea Video

Barrys Irish Breakfast

Get details on Barrys Irish Breakfast Tea.

Lyons Tea

Lyons Original Tea Video

Lyons Original Tea

Find out more about Lyons Original, sometimes called Lyons Green Label Tea.

Lyons Gold Tea Video

Lyons Gold Tea

Discover more about Lyons Gold Tea. Find out if Lyons Gold is the tea for you.

Lost Lyons Tea Commercial

Lost Lyons Commercial

Watch the lost Lyons Tea commercial otherwise known as our version of a classic Lyons ad.

Marks & Spencer Tea

Marks & Spencer Gold Tea Video

Gold Label Tea

The complete guide to Marks & Spencer Gold Label Tea.

PG Tips Tea

PG Tips Tea Video

PG Tips Tea

Learn about maybe the world's most popular brand of tea.

Thompsons Family Tea (Punjana)

Thompsons Irish Breakfast Tea Video

Decaffeinated Tea

Learn more about Thompsons Decaffeinated Tea and if you might like it. .

Thompsons Irish Breakfast Tea Video

Irish Breakfast

Discover more about Thompsons Irish Breakfast Tea Bags.

Learn About Thompsons Tea

More on Thompson's Tea

Find out what makes Thompsons Tea special and f ind out more about this family business.

Typhoo Tea

Typhoo Tea Video

Typhoo Tea

Find out more about Typhoo Tea, an iconic English brand of tea.

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Gold Tea Video

Yorkshire Gold Tea

What is Yorkshire Gold and will you like it? Learn about it in this video..

Williamson Tea

Williamson Earl Grey Tea Video

Williamson Earl Grey

Learn about this award-winning tea and it several forms.