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Drinking loose tea? Do you need a tea strainer or tea infuser?

Both tea strainers and tea infusers are used with loose tea. The way you will use your loose tea will determine if a tea strainer or tea infuser is best.

Tea strainers are best when using a teapot. With tea strainers, loose tea is placed directly in the teapot. The strainer catches tea leaves, preventing them from entering your cup. Simply hold the strainer over your cup as your pour. Some strainers can fit directly into a teapot or a cup.

Tea infusers are used directly in a cup or teapot. Open and fill the tea infusers with tea and place directly into a teapot or mug. The water will steep the tea leaves, drawing out its flavor. Once the tea has steeped to your satisfaction, simply remove the infuser from your mug or teapot.

Some tea strainers and tea infusers come with a bowl to catch dripping tea.

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