Ringtons Decaf 50 Tea Bags (Best By Jul 2021)

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Ringtons Decaf Tea in a box of 50 Tea Bags
Ringtons Decaffeinated Tea is a caffeine-free tea that actually tastes like real tea. Even though it is decaf, this is rich-tasting tea. This is part of Ringtons Original Blends family.

Since tea leaves naturally contain caffeine, tea makers must remove caffeine from the tea leaves. But no tea maker can remove all the caffeine. Ringtons Decaf Ta contains less than .2% caffeine (99.8% of the caffeine has been removed). Ringtons process of making decaf tea preserves the flavor while removing the caffeine.

Tea leaves.

Method Used to Decaffeinate the Tea:
Methylene Chloride

Brand History:
Ringtons Tea