Punjana Signature Blend 80 Tea Bags (Best By Dec 2019)

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Punjana Signature Blend Tea in a box of 80 Tea Bags

Another award-winning tea. Punjana Signature Blend has won 2 gold stars at the Guild of Fine Foods, which is often called the Food Oscars. Punjana has been making tea in Belfast since 1888.

Tea Leaves for Kenya (Africa) and Assam (India).

Brand History:
Punjana Limited.
Belfast, Northern Ireland

A century ago, Punjana Limited, the tea importer and blender, was beginning its life near the docklands in Belfast. Originally founded by McArthur and Willis, the Thompson family made their mark in 1896 when Robert Samuel Thompson became a partner.

Robert Samuel Thompson was joined in the post war years by James and Tony Thompson and today Ross and David Thompson carry on the traditional skill of tea tasting and blending in much the same way as has been done since the company was founded.

Robert Samuel Thompson originally entered the tea trade in 1887, and studied the art of tea tasting. He soon was made a partner in McArthur and Willis from 1896. He became known for his uncompromising devotion to quality and led the company for 51 years.

As the 20th Century progressed, the connection with the Thompson family was strengthened and in post-war years, James and Tony Thompson became partners in the company. They were responsible for the birth of the Punjana brand and developed it until they retired in the late 1980´s.

The joint managing directors of Punjana Limited, today carry on the traditional job of tea tasting and selecting the company´s teas, in much the same way as has been done since the company was founded in 1896.

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    Signature Tea is ALWAYS a Brilliant Brew

    Posted by MAJ. Jesse Carnes on Feb 28th 2019

    Consistency is the KEY to success in the TEA World. Erstwhile, until 2015, I was exclusively drinking a blend from one of your competitors. BUT!!! Suddenly, their flavour collapsed [ "ASSAM difficulties" ] and I began searching, for "The Flavour" once more. Finally, it was Thompson's of Belfast, and more specifically, your Signature Tea and TITANIC Tea caught my attention. Consistency is where Thompson's WINS. Let's keep winning with Consistency, for if you do, your brews will be ".... Tea as it Used to Taste."

  • 5
    Best Tea and it arrived Fast

    Posted by Jesse Carnes on Sep 21st 2018

    This is the most consistent blend I've encountered in the last 20 years, and it remains consistent. It arrived quickly in the mail, so that is superb as well.

  • 5
    Thompson's Signature Cuppa -- STELLAR!!!

    Posted by Major Jesse Carnes on Aug 24th 2018

    None finer ... consistent tea ... rich and satisfying!

  • 5

    Posted by MAJ. Jesse Carnes on May 21st 2018

    To be brief, this is the most consistent TEA in the World. You want a true, Robust, Rich cuppa tea? Thompson's Signature Blend is the most malty with their persistently consistent amount of ASSAM leaves from NW India. None better.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 30th 2018

    I like strong Irish Breakfast tea, unsweetened and without milk. This tea is great for me.

  • 3
    needs a little extra

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 25th 2018

    It's a good tea at a great price but not as rich as I had hoped.

  • 5
    Excellent Malty Tea

    Posted by Maj. Jesse Carnes on Apr 19th 2018

    Thompson's Signature Tea is superb. It's consistency is what GOOD tea is all about. It's what Tea USED to taste like.

  • 5
    Signature Tea by Thompson's of Belfast is SUPER

    Posted by Maj. Jesse Carnes on Mar 21st 2018

    The Thompson's Signature Blend makes a superb cuppa. Smooth and Rich. Taste the way Tea Used To Taste!

  • 5
    Balanced ... Rich ... Satisfying Tea

    Posted by Maj. Jesse Carnes on Feb 22nd 2018

    The Thompson family's "Signature Blend" [from Belfast UK] is the most balanced, sumptuous, and most satisfying Tea that I have ever experienced. This blend possesses, apparently, a generous amount of N.E. India's ASSAM black tea. This is a huge lynch-pin to the success of a good Tea m�lange. Incidentally, I make my Thompson's Tea the way George Orwell suggests, from his BBC article in 1946. He urges that it be made full-flavour and Strong, and yes, I make it Strong. So, what are the Results? The Mildness and Richness of the Blend, coupled with the generous infusion of Assam of India, and Easy Tannins, enables the Signature Blend to be a true Lift to your Morning, and the Boost to your Afternoon workday.
    Lastly, the tannins were very moderate, producing a rather Mild, nicely Drinkable and Satisfying Cuppa. All this supports the long-held tradition of Britain, as a nation of serious tea drinkers, who are serviced by erudite tea blenders and purveyors. Lovely Tea!

  • 5
    New favorite tea

    Posted by Nick on Feb 11th 2018

    Used to drink Yorkshire Gold all the time while trying others now and then. Then I came upon the Thompson's line of teas. Punjana is really good, but this Signature Blend is my new favorite. A lot stronger than Yorkshire, and a little more than Punjana. Full bodied, with a deep, earthy taste. I take it with just a splash of milk. Simply my favorite everyday tea by far. I recommend it to anyone.

  • 5
    punjana signature

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2015

    liked it a lot a milder taste then some of the other punjana blends