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Ringtons Tea

Ringtons Northumbrian Gold Blend Loose 8.8 Ounces

Ringtons Northumbrian Gold Blend Loose 8.8 Ounces

FRESHNESS GUARANTEE If Best By date is earlier than listed at purchase, tea will be replaced for free!

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Price Per Cup: $0.30 Per Cup
Body: Medium Bodied
Appearance: Golden, Clear
Aroma: Rich, Balanced
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Ringtons Northumbrian Gold Blend Loose in an 8.8 Ounces/250 grams Package

Northumbrian Blend is Ringtons oldest tea. It is the company's most traditional-tasting tea that has a malty flavor but no bitterness. After tasting, you will notice its strong but smooth flavor. This is part of the company's Extra Fresh family. To make Northumbrian Loose, Ringtons blends tea leaves from Assam (India) and Kenya.

Small leaves with orthodox "second flush" of Assam teas are blended with the best West of Rift Valley Kenyan teas. There are special seal on these teas to ensure their best and freshest flavour is retained.

We suggest the following preparation, brewing and preservation tips to help you fully enjoy your Ringtons tea.

Preparation – Use one tea bag per cup for the perfect of tea. Freshly drawn water (which has not been over-boiled) will bring out the finest flavours of our teas. Just boiled water is the ideal temperature for our Traditional tea bags.

Brewing - All teas need time to properly infuse, releasing their true flavours. Ringtons tea bags are best brewed for 3-5 mins, but no longer.

Serving suggestion - Can be served black or with milk

Tea leaves.

Brand History:
Ringtons Tea

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dominique Gaspar
Rington’s Northumbrian Blend (loose)

I drink tea with a lemon wedge and a pinch of sugar. The Ringtone Northumbrian Blend did not disappoint - clean, crisp, fresh with an acidic bite. Very much my “cup of tea”! Thank you, Teadog!

Not so hot

The only tea I've ever thrown away.

Ringtons is the best

Love this tea! Ringtons is the best! Added to my collection of favorite teas.

Excellent tea

As a tea junkie, Iメm always looking for new blends and brands. I came across Ringtons without ever hearing about them, but am SO glad that I did.
,,,,Will definitely be purchasing again.

Richard Nancarrow
A mild and smooth tea

We find this flavor is a better choice to the other Ringtons bagged options