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Thompsons Family Tea

Thompson's Decaffeinated 80 Tea Bags

Thompson's Decaffeinated 80 Tea Bags

Best By Apr 2024

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Price Per Cup: $0.13 Per Cup
Body: Light Bodied
Appearance: Golden, Clear
Aroma: Subtle, Smooth
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Thompsons Decaffeinated Tea in a Box of 80 Tea Bags

How does Thompsons Decaffeinate their tea?
To make their Decaffeinated Tea, Thompsons uses Ethyl Acetate. In a recent interview, Ross Thompson, head of the company said, "It's very hard to make decaf taste exactly the same as regular tea, tea leaves don't like processing - they're just left to wither. We use sophisticated equipment from Switzerland to remove the caffeine. It's extracted by naturally occurring ethyl acetate (fruit sugars)."

Tea leaves, decaffeinated.

Method Used to Decaffeinate the Tea:
Ethyl Acetate

Brand History:
Punjana Limited
Belfast, Northern Ireland

A century ago, Punjana Limited, the tea importer and blender, was beginning its life near the docklands in Belfast. Originally founded by McArthur and Willis, the Thompson family made their mark in 1896 when Robert Samuel Thompson became a partner.

Robert Samuel Thompson was joined in the post war years by James and Tony Thompson and today Ross and David Thompson carry on the traditional skill of tea tasting and blending in much the same way as has been done since the company was founded.

Robert Samuel Thompson originally entered the tea trade in 1887, and studied the art of tea tasting. He soon was made a partner in McArthur and Willis from 1896. He became known for his uncompromising devotion to quality and led the company for 51 years.

As the 20th Century progressed, the connection with the Thompson family was strengthened and in post-war years, James and Tony Thompson became partners in the company. They were responsible for the birth of the Punjana brand and developed it until they retired in the late 1980´s.

The joint managing directors of Punjana Limited, today carry on the traditional job of tea tasting and selecting the company´s teas, in much the same way as has been done since the company was founded in 1896.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews

Thompson's decaf tea is the best decaf tea I have found. It tastes like a regular tea and is not weak. I would recommend this tea if you are looking for a full-bodied decaf tea.

Great Decaf

This is the best decaf tea ever. The flavor is great, smooth, never bitter. This is my forever decaf tea!!

Diane Wetzel
Best Decaf Tea I've Tried

Thompson's Decaf actually has flavor, unlike most decaf teas I have tried. Every once in a while I will try another speciality decaf tea brand, but I always come back to Thompson's. It is definitely my favorite decaf tea.

Chester K
Excellent tea

From the time I discovered Thompson’s Decaf tea some years ago, it has been a favorite of mine any time of the day. The flavor is very satisfying, and even my wife who is very picky about teas enjoys it.

No contest

Rich, bold flavor which cannot compare to brands available in most grocery stores. Love it! Thank you for making it available & for such quick delivery