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Darvilles of Windsor

Darvilles of Windsor English Breakfast Loose 3.5 Oz

Darvilles of Windsor English Breakfast Loose 3.5 Oz

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Price Per Cup: $0.44 Per Cup
Body: Full Bodied
Appearance: Copper, Clear
Aroma: Malty, Invigorating
Ingredients: Black Tea
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Darvilles English Breakfast Loose Tea in a 4.4 Ounce Caddy

Although usually consumed in the morning, Darvilles English Breakfast is nice any time of day. For their English Breakfast, Darvilles blend tea leaves from Assam (India), Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and East Africa.

Tea from Assam, Ceylon and East Africa.

Brand History:
Darvilles of Windsor
Windsor, England

A family-business for 6 generations, Darvilles of Windsor supplies the Queen of England with tea. Darvilles of Windsor first opened a tea shop and grocery store in 1860.

Darvilles of Windsor holds a Royal Warrant, which means the company supplies goods to the UK Royal Household. The Royal Warrant is a recognition of quality and service. Darvilles first obtained the Royal Warrant from King George VI in 1946. Darvilles is one of the oldest companies to hold a Royal Warrant.

Specialty Teas from Darville are well-known in the UK and now throughout the world. The teas are even sold at the Queen's Royal Windsor Farm Shop. Darvilles offer a selection of Traditional Blend, Fruit & Herb Infusions and Organic Green Teas. The Traditional Blends come in packages showing old paintings of Windsor Castle.

A distinctive range of fine specialty teas, Darvilles offers the tea connoisseur quality and taste from Windsor, England.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Satisfying Breakfast Tea

1 level tsp of dried tea in 8 oz. of water brewed for 4 minutes makes a delicious, satisfying breakfast drink. It taste excellent with and without milk. Mild astringency clears the pallet. A full mouthful flavor lingers satisfyingly. A nicely balanced tea flavor.

Mark W
A Now Favourite Tea Brand

Can't recall how i came to discover darvilles, but glad that i did. very much like the english breakfast, as well as other blends, such as the assam. definitely recommend.

S Wasneuski
Smooth tasting English tea

Although usually I like a stronger English tea or Assam, I enjoyed the smooth taste of Darvilles. I don’t think you could brew a bad cup. It’s a nice change.

Mitchell Stuck
A sturdy English breakfast

Be forewarned, this is a CTC tea. Not what I was expecting appearance wise, but brews a nice hearty cup.

Delish English.

Tasty change of pace from my fave Darvilles Royalty Assam