Miles Smugglers Gold 80 Tea Bags (Best By Jun 2023)

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Miles Smugglers Gold in a Box of 80 Tea Bags
When making Smugglers Gold, Miles blends the best tea leaves from Assam (India), Kenya (Africa) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Smugglers Gold is a full-flavor tea.

What makes Miles Smugglers Gold a unique tea?
Although Miles Smugglers Gold may be unfamiliar to many tea drinkers outside of England, it is a one-of-a-kind tea. When making Smugglers Gold, Miles starts with traditional methods of tasting a variety of tea leaves and blending different teas to produce its special taste. Then, Miles add the latest manufacturing processes and packaging technology.

How does Smugglers Gold taste?
Smugglers Gold is an English Tea. It is smooth and full-bodied. Miles is a regional English Tea company whose tea tasters try each of the tea leaves used to make Smugglers Gold. As as result, you are ensured of high quality tea and the same great taste in every box. Miles Tea rates Smugglers Gold a 4 on the strength scale. It is the company's strongest tea.

What is in the package of Smugglers Gold?
The package of Smugglers Gold is wrapped in plastic to preserve quality and flavor. Smugglers Gold comes in a box of 80 tea bags. The box itself measures approximately 5 ½ inches in length, 6 1/8 inches in width and 2 ¼ inches in depth.

Each tea bag is packed with tea leaves. The tea bags come in the traditional square shape and measure approximately 2 ½ inches in length and 2 ½ inches in width.

How is Smugglers Gold made?
To make Smugglers Gold, Miles blends tea leaves from Assam in India, Kenya in Africa and Sri Lanka. Blending tea leaves from a variety of countries in differing amounts, allows tea makers to achieve a specific taste. Most British teas companies blend tea leaves from Africa, India and Sri Lanka. The specific quantity of tea leaves from each region in this tea is a company secret.

All tea leaves used to make Smugglers Gold are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which creates a fairer, better, more sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers, and the environment.

Who is Miles Tea?
Smugglers Gold is still blended and packed in England. Miles makes all their teas at the company facility in the town of Minehead in Somerset, which is located on England's southwest coast.

Although the company is familiar to many as DJ Miles Tea, it is now called Miles Tea. For the last 4 consecutive years, Miles has been included in Best Brands magazine top 5 UK Tea & Coffee brands. For 2017, Miles is ranked number 2. This outranks all other UK tea companies.

How to Make Perfect Cup of Miles Smugglers Gold Tea
For a black tea, such as Smugglers Gold, bring water to a rolling boil. Always use fresh water every time you make tea. Place the tea bag in the mug or pot and pour in the boiling water. Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes and then remove the tea bag. Add a sweetener if you prefer. Smugglers Gold can be taken plain or with milk or lemon, whichever way you prefer.

Tea leaves from India (Assam), Africa (Kenya) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Brand History:
Miles Tea
Minehead, Somerset, England

Today, Miles Tea is part of England's West Country, which is in the southwestern part of the country. Usually, the term includes the English counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, and Bristol.

Although the company is synonymous with Derek Miles, it actually started in 1888, when Henry Miles, Derek's grandfather, started Henry Miles & Co, a tea blending business in Birmingham, England.

In World War II, in 1941, the Miles Tea plant in Birmingham was bombed twice.

In 1951, current company head Derek Miles began his career in the tea business in London.

In 1961, Derek purchased a shop in the West Country and also worked as tea inspector.

In 1973, Derek purchased Henry Miles & Co and it became part of DJ Miles.

In 1996, tea production moved to its current home of Minehead, England.

In 2016, the company re-branded and became known as Miles Tea.