Melrose's Deluxe 100 Wrapped Tea Bags (Best By Jul 2022)

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Melrose's Deluxe Tea in a Box of 100 Individually Wrapped Tea Bags
A black tea in the Scottish tradition. Tea from India, Assam, and Africa, Kenya, are blended to produce a rich and full-bodied black tea.

How to Make Perfect Cup of Melrose DeLuxe Tea
Bring water to a rolling boil. Always use fresh water every time you boil water for tea. Warm your cup of tea pot. Place 1 Melrose DeLuxe Tea Bag in the cup. Each tea bag will make 2 cups of tea. Add a sweetener and milk if you prefer.

Tea leaves from India (Assam) and Kenya.

Brand History:
Melrose Tea

Andrew Melrose, a key player in the development of the tea industry, founded the Melrose's tea company in 1812. Following the collapse of the East Indian Company's monopoly in 1833 he was the first merchant to land tea in Britain, outside London. The Tea Clipper Isabella carried the shipment into Edinburgh in 1835, a historic moment which marked a change in the shape of the British trade forever. From its very beginning the Melrose’s name has been synonymous with quality and we are proud to be able to guarantee the same high standards today as Andrew Melrose insisted upon almost 200 years ago.