Marks & Spencer Gold Label 80 Tea Bags (Best By Jun 2022)

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Marks & Spencer Gold Label Tea in a Box of 80 Tea Bags
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Marks & Spencer Gold Label is the company's signature tea. It is rich, strong and full of flavor. customers give the tea high praise. Actually, it has a perfect 5 star rating. They describe it as malty and strong but doesn't get bitter or Marks & Spencer's best tea ever or better than any other gold blend or outstanding and excellent flavor.

To make Gold Label, Marks & Spencer blends tea leaves from different countries. Blending tea leaves from different countries allows tea makers to achieve a specific taste.

Most British teas are blend tea leaves from Africa, India and Sri Lanka. The Gold Label box does not tell which countries the tea leaves come from but rather has the sentence "product of several countries."

Gold Label is blended and packed in the UK and comes in a box of 80 tea bags or 8.8 ounces of loose tea. The 80 tea bag box comes packed in foil packs with 40 tea bags in each pack.

All Marks & Spencer teas are fairtrade. This means the company uses fairtrade tea leaves to make it. If you are unfamiliar, fair trade means paying small growers a bit more for their tea so they can improve their lives and communities.

For each of their teas, Marks & Spencer includes a strength rating. Gold Label is a number 2 medium strength tea. By contrast, Marks & Spencer Extra Strong is a no. 3 strong tea. Most of the company's teas are rated number 2 medium strength.

To make the perfect cup of Gold Label, Marks & Spencer recommends steeping for 3 to 5 minutes.

Tea leaves from several different countries.