London Tea Company Earl Grey Tea Bags (Best By Dec 2021)

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London Tea Company Earl Grey Tea Bags
Tea drinkers have tried many different types of Earl Grey before. But, London Tea Company has made this different. It has a subtle taste that will not overpower your taste buds. Comes in individually wrapped tea bags so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Fairtrade Organic Black Tea with natural bergamot flavor

Brand History
London Tea Company
London, England

Starting in England's capital city, the London Tea Company began making tea in 2003. London Tea Company started when no one was producing interesting teas and tea varieties in a socially responsible way. London Tea Company makes tea the traditional way.

Several key principals guide London Tea Company:

* Fairtrade - all teas are fairtrade
* Using only highest quality tea
* Handpicking the tea leaves
* Traditional methods of tea manufacturing
* All packaging is biodegradable
*Use the most highly skilled tea blenders and tea tasters

As you can tell with the above principals, London Tea is committed to sustainability and the well-being of tea growers and tea pickers. To this end, the company uses tea leaves grown without chemicals.

Today, many of the ideals important when London Tea Company first started and now mainstream in the tea industry. Still, London Tea Company remains on the cutting edge of making tea. London Tea Company continually adds new varieties.