Glengettie Gold 80 Tea Bags (Best By Aug 2020)

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Glengettie Gold Tea in a Box of 80 Tea Bags
Try Glengettie Tea in a Box of 80 Tea Bags or Glengettie Loose Tea in a Box of 250 Grams/8.8 Ounces if you prefer.

Glengettie Gold is the premium version of Glengettie for which you have been waiting. Glengettie Gold has a smooth taste but is a strong cup of tea. Glengettie Gold is a blend of tea leaves from India and Africa.

Glengettie has been a favorite in Wales since 1952. Originally, it was sold as a strong cup of tea specifically for miners in Wales.

Glengettie Tea has been specially designed to complement the soft water of Wales. Welsh Teas closely resemble Irish teas, which are extremely popular with tea drinkers. Welsh Teas are blended for the soft waters of Wales. Welsh Teas are a blend of tea from Africa and India.

A good cup of tea always has been a traditional sign of hospitality in Wales. Glengettie is one of the two leading brands of tea in Wales. Boxes of Glengettie come with an English-language label on one side and Welsh-language on another side.

With the slogan "A favorite in Wales for generations" Glengettie is known for its strength of flavor. Today, Glengettie is produced by the same company that makes Typhoo tea, a favorite English tea.

Welsh Language Packaging on Boxes of Glengettie
Glengettie – Ffefryn yng Nghymru ers cenedlaethau

Mae’r cyfuniad o flas arbennig ac ansawdd wedi gwneud Glenettie yn ffefryn yng Nghymru ers blynyddoedd lawer.

Ers ei ddatblygu i’w gyflwyno yng Nghymru bron i hanner can mlynedd yn ôl , mae enw da Glengettie wedi cael ei drosglwyddo o genhedlaeth i genhedlaeth. Hyd yn oed heddiw, Glengettie yw’r dewis perffaith ar gyfer cwpanaid berffaith o de.

Mae amser am gwpanaid flasus o Glengettie bob amser yng Nghymru.

Tea leaves from Assam (India) and Africa.

Brand History:
Glengettie Tea

Glengettie tea started in 1952. Today, Glengettie is produced by the same company that makes Typhoo tea.

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  • 5
    Strong and hearty tea!

    Posted by Midsomer on Dec 1st 2018

    I love this tea! Hi enjoy a strong and hearty tea for breakfast and as a pick me up later in the day!. God Bless Welsh tea!

  • 5
    One of my favorites

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2018

    I love this tea both in bags and as loose tea. It's Hardy and makes great iced tea.

  • 5

    Posted by Anna N. on Dec 25th 2017

    Wonderful rich and full tea. My favorite. I am never without it. Great price too.

  • 5
    Hooray for Wales!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 27th 2016

    Excellent tea!