Winnie The Pooh Day Special

Winnie The Pooh Day Special

It has been 18 days since the start of the year!

We all know that there are still a lot of happenings around the world.

But today, let us relax and enjoy our day with our family and friends.

18th of January has been declared as Winnie The Pooh Day which is to commemorate the author A.A Milne's Birthday.

Did you know that there is a certain tea blend that has been mentioned in the story? Also, one of the characters happens to love this blend of tea.

Earl Grey Tea has been complimented for its unique flavor as a black tea.

Piglet, who is Pooh's best friend next to Christopher Robin truly loves this blend of tea.

He even mentioned it in the series on one of its episode where in Winnie The Pooh broke the "LAW" of Gravity.

So on this day, Winnie the Pooh day, it is good to drink an Earl Grey tea to celebrate the day.

Here is a clip where the tea was mentioned on the series

Video from Scott Moss Youtube Channel