Nominee for Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers

Nominee for Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers

Our Nominee for the Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers

Almost every occupation, group or even some activities have a Patron Saint, except tea drinkers.  We want to nominate a Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers.  Here, we consider a few candidates and nominate our choice for the Patron Saint of Tea Drinkers. In considering who we should choose, we had a couple other nominees. 


St Drogo

First, we thought about choosing St Drogo. Born in 1105 in Flanders, which today is Belgium. As the patron saint of coffee house workers, he is considered to the patron saint of coffee. His close association with coffee would make it natural that he be the patron saint of coffee. But, we decided against St Drago. Tea drinkers really don't like to be lumped with coffee drinkers and be an afterthought, such as coffee house, coffee and tea, and so on. So, we considered another candidate.

St George

We thought about choosing St George. Very well-known for having slayed a dragon, St George also is the patron saint of England. A Roman soldier, St George was born in 280 in what is today Syria. St George is popular with a lot of different Christian religions. Since tea drinkers want to rise above being lumped in with coffee, we thought the story of the dragon was a good metaphor. But, since he probably never had or even knew about tea, we had to pick another patron saint.

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

In doing some research, we came across Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. Although not yet a saint, he would be good candidate to be patron saint of tea drinkers. First, because is not yet a saint, and saints need a few miracle to become saints, he may be open to granting your requests if you pray to him.


Seelos was born in Germany in 1819. A few German Tea Brands that are around today were in business before 1819. So, he may actually have had a cup of tea from a brand around today. Very few saints have that kind of connection with tea. He was a Redemptorist priest who emigrated to the US in 1843. He arrived in New York City and  lived in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, among others, with a final stop in New Orleans. You can almost see Seelos sitting in a New Orelans cafe with a beignet and a cup of tea ministering to someone that needs it. His shrine is located in New Orleans. For these reasons, we nominate Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos to be the patron saint of tea drinkers.


St Drago Image: By Chatsam - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

St George Image: By Attributed to Link

Who should the patron saint of tea drinkers be?  We have some nominees.