​National Pie Day

​National Pie Day

Jan 23rd 2021

National Pie Day is a day which lets us celebrate and enjoy our favorite desserts.

This day is specially sponsored by the American Pie Council and yes, they really exist.

National Pie Day is celebrated on the 23rd of January. So, on this day, you can savor all your favorite flavors of America's favorite dessert.

Traditional fruit pies, savory pies and creams pies. Don't leave a single one on this holiday!

This tradition occurs annually in the United States on 23rd of January. It originated in the mid-1970s by Boulder, Colorado nuclear engineer, brewer and teacher Charlie Papazian. This was after he declared his own birthday, January 23 to be National Pie Day.

Charlie conveniently placed the day on his birthday, which encourages us all to take a break with America's favorite dessert.

12,000 to 6,500 years ago, there were evidence found that a flat, round flour cakes which contains honey was found inside a tomb. It was Pharaoh Remesses II's tomb to be exact.

In 1675, the very first Pumpkin Pie made its appearance in a cookbook.

Then in 1968, this was the year where McDonalds released their beloved fried Apple Pie. It was introduced in Knoxville, Tennessee first.

Lastly, in 2014, the American Pie Council partnered with Paramount Pictures to promote a romantic thriller film titled "Labor Day" in conjunction with National Pie Day.