Margari-Tea Recipe

Margari-Tea Recipe

Down here in Texas, where our office is located, Cinco de Mayo is popular.

To celebrate parties or popular occasions as such, you can try this Margari-Tea recipe.

For this cocktail, we used a Lemon & Ginger Tea but you can use any flavor you desire.

TOOLS: Cocktail shaker, strainer

GLASS: Coupe glass

GARNISH: With a slice of ginger and a slice of lime


30ml Tea (strong brew) of your choice.
40ml Tequila Reposado (100% blue agave)
20ml Cointreau/Triple sec
20ml fresh lime juice
Thin slice of ginger


1. Honey-rim and pre-chill the glass

2. Shake all ingredients and strain into the glass

3. Serve!