Make Your Own Chocolate Tea

Make Your Own Chocolate Tea

Chocolate and tea. Most people love chocolate and enjoy a good cup of tea.

Now, you can combine both by creating your own cup of chocolate tea. This recipe has been provided by Kusmi Tea.

To begin, gather the follow ingredients:

3 teaspoons of cocoa
3 cups of milk
3 cups of English Breakfast tea
6 sugar lumps

First, set aside about 1 cup of cold milk and heat the rest of the milk. Gradually blend the cocoa into the cold milk and add to the boiling milk. Next, beat the mixture with a whisk.

Then, make the English breakfast tea, sweeten, leave to cool. Finally, mix the two preparations together and serve with ice cubes.

This recipe can make 6 cups of chocolate tea.

Kusmi tea was founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, Russia, by P.M. Kousmichoff. The tea house supplied tea to the Russian czars and their courts. After the Russian revolution in 1917, the tea house moved to France. Since then, Kousmichoff has been carrying on the same activity to offer connoisseurs and gourmets subtle flavorings as well as the highest traditional quality blends. 

We tried this recipe and it works well.

Make sure to start with a quality tea such as English Breakfast Tea.