Make Your Own Chocolate Tea on National Chocolate Day

Make Your Own Chocolate Tea on National Chocolate Day

Chocolate Tea

On National Chocolate Day, Oct 28th in the US, we want to offer a recipe for Chocolate Tea. Although the origins of National Chocolate Day are unknown, it is popular worldwide with most countries celebrating on September 4th.

Chocolate and tea may not be a combination that most people consider. But, if you like tea and chocolate, you should try it. Instead of running out and buying chocolate tea, which you may or may not drink, first make your own.

Making chocolate tea is very easy. But, for it be enjoyable, you should start with good ingredients. You need to start with a black tea you like and a good drinkable chocolate. Use your favorite black tea.

To begin, gather the follow ingredients:

3 teaspoons of cocoa

3 cups of milk

3 cups of black tea

6 sugar lumps

First, set aside about 1 cup of cold milk and heat the rest of the milk. Gradually blend the cocoa into the cold milk and add to the boiling milk. Next, beat the mixture with a whisk. Then, make the tea, sweeten, leave to cool. Finally, mix the two preparations together and serve with ice cubes. Recipes makes 6 cups of chocolate tea.