Learn All About Barry's Tea

Sep 28th 2018

Find out more about each variety of Barry's Tea. Get facts such as tasting notes, box color, how the tea brews, and availability in tea bags or loose form.

Barry's blends tea leaves from Kenya, Rwanda and the Assam Valley in India. About 80% of the tea leaves used in blending are from Africa, which provide the best taste when used with Irish water. Each type of Barry's Tea is a different blend of these teas. Blending various types and amounts of tea creates different tastes. Various Irish tea brands blend tea in different combinations. Barry's has approximately 34% of the Irish tea market and behind Lyons, the top-selling brand. Barry's Tea is still blended and made in Cork, Ireland.

Tip When Shopping for Barrys Tea:

All have a "Best By" date stamped on the front of the box. Make sure you get a box with the "Best By" date at least a few months in the future. When shopping on the Internet, make sure this date is provided for you. Make sure to get complete details on the "Best By" date and understand what this term means.   Make sure you get authentic Barry's Tea, which still is made in Ireland.

Summary of Varieties of Barrys Tea
Barry's Gold Tea
Most popular type of Barry's Tea.
Taste: smooth
Box Color: bright red
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry's Gold tea bags or Barry's Gold loose tea.

Barry's Classic Tea
A premium tea from Barry's.
Taste: full-bodied; stronger than Barry's Gold
Box Color: dark red, almost brown.
Brews: dark brown color.
Availability: Barry's Classic tea bags or Barry's Classic loose tea.

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea
Formerly called Barry's Green Label.
Taste: lighter and subtler in flavor that Gold or Classic.
Box Color: green
Brews: light gold or light amber color.
Availability: Barry's Irish Breakfast tea bags.

Barry's Decaffeinated Tea
Introduced in the 1990s.
Taste: good decaf tea with a lot of flavor.
Box Color: dark blue.
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry's Decaffeinated in box of 80 tea bags.

Barry's Earl Grey Tea
Irish tea blended with bergamot oil, which has a citrus flavor.
Taste: a strong earl grey tea.
Box Color: light blue
Brews: gold or amber color.
Availability: Barry's Earl Grey tea bags.

Did You Know?
Barry's Tea was featured in the movie "Mystic River". A young boy walks into a shop and asks for a box of Barry's Tea.