Is that Cup of PG Tips Tea Really Healthy For You?

Is that Cup of PG Tips Tea Really Healthy For You?

PG Tips Tea

So, you drink  PG Tips Tea. Have you ever wondered if it is healthy for you? Most studies on tea's health benefits involve the green variety. Although it is not as well-known, research has been done into the health benefits of PG Tips.

The first area PG Tips may help with is very topical. Your cup of PG Tips may help in the fight against obesity. Japan's Kobe University conducted a study which showed tea may help people trying to lose weight. Specifically, tea can help limit the amount of weight gained as well as reduce the damages of high fat foods. In the study, some mice had a normal diet while another group had a high-fat diet. Mice drank tea and water. The study concluded that mice that drank tea gained less weight than those that had only water.

PG Tips also may help with one of the world's biggest health problems. The finding of 13-year long Dutch research of 40,000 subjects concluded that a few cup per day could help protect against heart disease. Subjects that consumed 6 or more cups per day cut heart disease by 33%.

PG Tips also can help you with one of the modern-world's biggest afflictions. University College London discovered that black teas like PG Tips help in fighting stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone in the blood, was reduced with consumption of black tea. Tea drinkers were able to recover from effects of stress sooner.

Actually, the research described above focused on black tea and not a specific brand. But PG Tips may be the world's preeminent brand of black tea. The origins of PG Tips start with Arthur Brooke, a tea dealer, in Manchester, England, in 1869. Famously, he used the slogan "Good tea unites good company, exhilarates the spirits, opens the heart, banishes restraint from conversation and promote happiest purposes of social intercourse."

The actual brand name did not begin until 1930, when it was sold under Pre-Gest-Tea rather than just as loose to grocers. The brand name was chosen since it was thought to help with digestion before eating. Eventually, it was shortened to PG Tips. PG Tips is often at the center of the tea business. The company put the tea in bags in 1960. The company was the first, in 1996, to introduce pyramid-shape bags. A decaffeinated version was introduced in 2004 and a 75th anniversary variety called Special Blend launched in 2005. A version specifically for the waters of Scotland, called  Scottish Blend Tea was developed in 2004.

Scottish Blend Tea

till made in Manchester, England, PG Tips comes in bags and loose in various sizes. PG Tips offers bags in boxes of 80 and 240. PG Tips Loose usually comes in an 8.8 ounce box but also can be had in a 3.3 pound bag. PG Tips Decaffeinated comes in boxes of 40 or 80 bags and has a full-bodied taste.

To get maximum health benefits from your PG Tips, take a few steps to make the perfect cup. First, use fresh water every time. Never boil water twice. To get maximum taste, tea needs to work with the oxygen in water and if you re-boil it, you remove all the oxygen. For black kinds like PG Tips, make sure water comes to a rolling water. Then, put your bag in your mug and then pour over the water. This step is better for the bag and allows it to infuse better. Steep for between 3 and 5 minutes, depending on how you like it. Add milk or sugar depending on preference.

Be more healthy, drink PG Tips Tea.