Alternative Recipe for National Frappe Day

Alternative Recipe for National Frappe Day

Oct 7th 2019

Tea Frappe

Since today is National Frappe Day, we want to provide an alternative recipe.  Instead of a frappe, try a tea smoothie. It will be more refreshing since it is still hot in many other parts of the country.  Try this with green tea.

Ingredients  (Serves 1)

1 green tea bag
⅔ cup of water
½ cup of mango, cubed
1 wedge of fresh lime juice
2 cups of crushed ice


Heat water and brew tea, then leave to cool.  Place cooled tea, mango, lime juice and crushed ice in a blender.  Blend until thick and smooth.  Adjust ice to the consistency you like best.  The fruit will naturally sweeten this smoothie but for those who want a sweeter treat, any type of sweetener can be added.

Photo from Pexels