Caribbean Pirate Revels Fondness for Typhoo

Caribbean Pirate Revels Fondness for Typhoo

Apr 2nd 2019

Scrum, from Pirates of the Caribbean, has said he is fan of Typhoo Tea. Part of Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew, Scrum was sometimes seen playing the mandola. He was known for being cheerful but a bit s … read more
Have You Ever Seen This Man Before?

Have You Ever Seen This Man Before?

Mar 26th 2019

Do you know this man? This is probably the first picture you have ever seen of him. This Scottish-born man started a worldwide tea empire. Even though we don’t sell his specific brand, he is mos … read more

Luther Reveals Choice of Tea

Mar 20th 2019

Luther has finally revealed the tea he drinks. Any thoughts about what brand of tea he drinks? The show is set in London so might that influence his choice? Actually, it did not. Lu … read more

You Missed the 255th Birthday of An Important Tea Person

Mar 18th 2019

Did you forget their 255th birthday? March 13th was the birthday of Charles Grey, one of the most famous names in tea. The world's second most popular variety of tea is named after him. Grey wa … read more

Learn About English Tea

Nov 5th 2018

Learn about the different brands of English Tea in under 3 minutes. … read more