Barry's Classic Loose 8.8 Ounces (Best By Jun 2019 )

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Barrys Classic Loose Tea in an 8.8 Ounces Package
Barry's Classic is a deep, dark and rich tea with a full-bodied taste. The moment you taste Barry's Classic Tea, you'll discover that tea has never tasted quite so good. Barry's Classic uses only the very finest tea leaves. Barry's Classic Tea has been blended by experts to create a distinctive and refreshing taste. It's a tea for everyday and for special occasions.

Black tea from Africa and India.

Brand History:
Barry's Tea, Cork, Ireland

Barry's Tea has a long established reputation as Ireland's leading tea company. The company was founded in 1901 by James J. Barry. Since its inception, Barry's Tea was known for providing high quality tea. In 1934, Barry's Tea was awarded the Empire Cup for tea blending. Until the 1960's, Barry's Tea was sold mainly from a shop on Prince's Street in Cork, Ireland. Since then, Barry's Tea has expanded to include 30% of the Irish tea market.

To ensure you have a perfect cup of tea every time, Barry's Tea carefully selects tea from the best tea estates in the world. Barry's Tea is blended mainly from African teas with some Indian teas. The highlands of Africa produce tea year round, which guarantees constant freshness, crucial to maintaining Barry's high standards of quality. One distinctive feature of East African teas is the rich, golden color. Tea from India keeps Barry's Tea rich and diverse.

Barry's tea blenders are experts in their field and have carefully passed knowledge and expertise down through generations, which ensures Barry's always has the highest possible quality standards and the most refreshing tea.

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    Barry's Classic

    Posted by Mike on Feb 14th 2012

    Beautiful red color, bold and full-bodied tea with a hint of citrus (especially when sweeted by honey). Much more flavorfull then the english breakfast teas. Perfect tea for the morning.

  • 5
    Barry's classic loose tea

    Posted by Peerlessvolfan on Apr 16th 2011

    It's my favorite tea that I was introduced to in a lovely shop in Petoskey, Michigan.

  • 5
    A Taste of Home

    Posted by Fogo on Apr 13th 2011

    For me it's just a taste of home where we were brought up on pots of hot tea with a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning. I just love it & the memories it conjurers up.

  • 5
    As Guiness goes, so does Barry's Tea

    Posted by FNOX on Feb 11th 2011

    Barry's as Irish as Guiness. If you love your Guinness, you'll feel the same about Barry's.

  • 5
    At the top of our list!

    Posted by Lady Willoughby on Feb 1st 2011

    We received a box of this tea as a hostess gift a couple years ago. Now, it's the only tea I really want to drink. We enjoy a cup or two every afternoon. We brew it hot and nearly as dark as a cup of coffee and then we drink it black. A real pick-me-up and so enjoyable.

  • 5
    Tea lovers' tea

    Posted by rbrownprop on Dec 4th 2010

    This is the richest fullest-bodied tea I have ever found. Brewed strong and served with milk it is half of a breakfast; it is also a great tea time pick-me-up.