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Sample of One of the Tea Recipes Found in the Book.

Tea Julep

You may have heard only of the mint variety, but this Tea Julep is unlike any of the versions around today. Really very good.

1 quart of prepared tea mint
2 oranges, sliced
half a peeled and sliced cucumber
juice of 2 lemons, strained
sugar, to taste
1 pint of ginger ale
sliced strawberries

Into pitcher or large bowl, pour 1 quart of prepared tea. When cold, add a bunch of fresh mint, 2 sliced oranges, half a peeled and sliced cucumber, strained juice of 2 lemons and sugar to taste. Chill for 2 hours. Before serving, remove mint and cucumber and add 1 pint of chilled ginger ale. Add a few sliced strawberries and some mint.